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About Houseboat Depot

Since 2000, the HouseboatDepot.com Team has been dedicated to serving the houseboating community with the best online products and services possible.

We are not simply media professionals. In fact, some members of our team have been houseboating with their families since 1965. As children, they learned about the magic that is the very essence of the houseboating lifestyle. Long sun-drenched, carefree summer days filled with laughter, water activities and great food (mostly grilled outdoors), to fall and winter excursions that were more about exploration, have served as the backdrop for the HouseboatDepot.com experience.

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Working together, we strive to ensure that our user experience is consistently superior. In other words, we aren’t happy until our members are.

Please use the form below to contact us with your thoughts. We would love to hear from you and while we can’t respond personally to every comment, you and your feedback are appreciated.

Happy Houseboating!

The HouseboatDepot.com Team

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