General Ecology Inc.

151 Sheree Blvd., Exton, PA 19341 USA

Manufacturers of chemical-free water purifirers and micro water filters for customers world wide.

General Ecology Inc.’s purification and separation technology was scientifically developed from basic research that was then optimized to effectively, reliably and ecologically remove a broad range of contaminants. These included all three forms of water borne disease-causing microorganisms, specific toxic and carcinogenic chemicals, foul tastes, odors, sediment and other particulate matter. This proprietary technology now known as General Ecology Inc.’s “Structured Matrix” technology is independently certified to meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s very rigorous Microbiological Standard for Drinking Water Purifiers, which encompasses pathogenic cysts, disease bacteria and viruses. General Ecology purifiers with “Structured Matrix” technology have become the industry’s standard of excellence against which other products are evaluated.

While most General Ecology products are used in residential, boating and recreational applications, our customer list also comprises national and international airlines, government agencies, military and emergency preparedness organizations, professional outfitters, scientists, research laboratories, medical research teams and major corporations. General Ecology products are sold in over 40 countries. Among General Ecology’s more popular trade names are Seagull IV, First Need, Trav-L-Pure, Aquapolish, Nature Pure Ultrafine, Nature Pure Micromatrix, Microlite, Versa-Pure, Superior and Spark-L-Pure. Many of General Ecology’s products and product features are patented with both U.S. and international registration. Trademarks and Tradenames are registered internationally.

The outstanding success of “Structured Matrix” purification technology is continually evidenced by laboratory tests unmatched by competition and by over 27 years of customer satisfaction through service to a wide range of sophisticated users worldwide. General Ecology, Inc. continues to meet and surpass our goals ensuring that our customers receive the many benefits of refreshingly pure, great tasting water.

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