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When Gibson first began in 1968, we wanted to create a boat that could accommodate the entire family, with cruising performance. When we put all the ideas on paper, the 30′ Gibson was born. As time passed and the technology developed, Gibson grew as well. Gibson now builds eleven standard models of different styles and sizes as well as customized floor plans to satisfy the boaters dreams. After forty years, the Gibson name exemplifies tradition, quality and performance, and is the fun way to keep the family together. When it comes to comfort, livability and accommodations, nothing in its class will beat a Gibson. Gibson provides a genuine difference; just ask a Gibson owner. Be informed so that you will make the best decision, because deciding to buy a Gibson is easy. Deciding which model is the hard decision. Gibson is built to last, so we know that tomorrow you will be glad you chose a Gibson today.
Cruising Speeds

All of our boats range from 12 – 24 MPH cruise depending on size and engine package. For example a 50′ Cabin Yacht with 315 hp Yanmar diesels, can obtain 24 MPH cruise speed. The same boat with 8.1L 385 hp Crusaders (Gas) will cruise at 18 MPH, but will have a higher top end than the diesel model.

Gibson recently did a test with a pair of 110 hp Yanmar in a 47′ Classic. Although it was no speed demon, it did maintain 9 MPH at an amazing 3.6 MPG. Depending on what you want to achieve and where you wish to boat, Gibson is sure we have the size and engine package for you.

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