Laketime Shared Ownerships

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612 Haul Road, P.O. Box 1685, Page, AZ 86040

Enjoy a Lake Powell houseboat vacation on your very own luxury houseboat, and share the cost of houseboat ownership with an elite group of fellow owners. We have custom shared-ownership programs to fit your individual needs. For a dream vacation, houseboat at Lake Powell, Page, AZ.

Laketime is the only full-service company at Lake Powell that does all the work for you, including linen service. Our launch & retrieve program ensures the best possible care for your valuable investment. “When Laketime sells you a share on a luxury houseboat, our service does not stop there.”

Enjoy a Dream Vacation with Shared Ownership on Luxury Houseboats at Lake Powell. Laketime has programs to fit any budget, compare with rentals. Visit us in Page, AZ

Laketime has developed a new program in shared ownership houseboats on Lake Powell. Our boats are larger, more luxurious, and have fewer owners on each boat. Less owners means less wear and tear, so your boat will stay nicer longer.

These are luxury programs, which allow you to enjoy the lake with the least amount of work on your part. Unlike many rentals, linen service is provided (towels and sheets), also environmentally-friendly soaps (dish and shower), toilet paper, dishes, pots, pans, games etc.

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