Lanier Partners of North Georgia, Inc.

Lanier Partners of North Georgia, Inc. was founded in 2010 for the sole purpose of helping children in need throughout North Georgia and surrounding areas. We were formed as a non-profit corporation and a public charity in the State of Georgia.

The founding members became friends and we all have a long history of giving back to the community. The idea surfaced that we, as a group, could do more to help specific charities by helping them raise money. We wanted to help the most helpless of our community, the children.

lake lanier partners of north georgia

Each one of us are avid boaters and spend a great deal of our free time on Lake Lanier. It is no wonder we all get along so well and bonded together with a special purpose centered around the lake that we all love so much, and the children of community that we wish to provide support to. In addition, we are all small business owners in the local area.

As a public charity, our goal is to organize one major charity event each year and give to the children, who are the most needy, as much of our time and money as possible.

Lanier Partners of North Georgia, Inc. is a nonprofit, charitable organization and it is our mission to improve the quality of life for children. We create, develop, and support charitable programs that directly and positively impact the lives and well-being of children in need throughout Atlanta and surrounding communities through contributions of time, resources, and monetary donations. We align ourselves with a variety of local and national organizations representing a multitude of causes.

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