Quantum Marine Engineering

3790 Southwest 30th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
(954) 587-4205

The Quantum Group forever changed the yachting world with the invention and implementation of ZeroSpeed™ and OnAnchor™, the first successful dual purpose yacht roll stabilizer system that works underway, and at anchor. Quantum Marine manufactures hydraulic equipment for the yacht, military, and commercial markets, including ride and roll control systems for vessels from zero to high speed.

Quantum QT™ thrusters are designed for bow and stern applications, and provide powerful controlled thrust for maneuvering, docking, and station-keeping. QT™ thrusters feature counter-rotating propellers for maximum performance in any tunnel size, are hydraulically powered, and are available only as a component of a Quantum Integrated Hydraulic System.

Quantum’s QT150 (24″ props) and QT200 (26″ props) are supplied with composite, aluminum, or steel tunnels with the appropriate vessel class specifications. Hydraulic power sources include engine, marine gear, and generator driven pumps depending on the vessel and on the configuration of the other hydraulic consumers benefitting from the Quantum Integrated System. Please contact mperkins@quantumhydraulic.com for more information about how a powerful, quiet, and precision-controlled QT™ thruster can benefit your project as part of a Quantum Integrated Hydraulic System.

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