U Fab Boats

459 Highway 29, R.R. #4, Smiths Falls, Ontario, K7A 4S5 CANADA
(613) 283-1888

U-Fab Boats is the National and International Sales / Manufacturing Agent and is partnered with the manufacturer to produce and distribute aluminum pontoon boat kits, consoles, sundeck kits, railings, holding tanks, fresh water tanks and other aluminum products related to the marine industry.

U-Fab Boats is in partnership with Hewitt (Brockville) Ltd. to manufacture and distribute custom made boat kits world wide. With experienced personal and a history of delivering top quality products our company can supply many types and sizes of commercial pontoon boat kits.

U-Fab Boats has dealers world wide which carry and sell U-Fab Boat Kits for sale to the public.

Starting with the first season in 1999, there has been continuous growth each year. U-Fab Boats has been adding new innovative products and setting the standards for quality pontoon boat kits.

U-Fab Boats is continuing to be the leading supplier of boat kits and with our Aluminum fabricating experience we supply Craftsmanship, Quality and Value.

We can ship an individual boat kit with a common carrier in North America or as a group for those who are flexible in delivery time and would like to save money. Kits are often shipped to other world locations in a container. Contact U-Fab Boats to get your quote today and which delivery method best works for your application.

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