What is Shasta Lake Houseboating all about?

Lovin’ Shasta
Shasta Lake is a magnificent body of water shrouded by a massive evergreen forest. This is the best of Mother Nature, raw and unspoiled, at your fingertips. Four rivers or “arms” merge together to create this man-made wonder: the Sacramento, McCloud, Squaw Creek and Pit. Each has its own personality and unique beauty.

Unlike anywhere on Earth
The scenery and views are endlessly breathtaking. Mt. Shasta rises majestically to the North and the Lassen Volcanic peaks to the East. Shasta Dam, the highest center spillway dam in the world, can be found at the Southwest corner of the lake. Shasta Caverns, a fascinating natural wonder that can only be reached from the lake, offers daily tours year round.

Watersport Haven
Shasta Lake offers countless coves for the ultimate watersport experience. Since the mountains create a constant windbreak, “glass” conditions are abundant. And with 365 miles of shoreline, finding your own private spot is easy. Summer days are almost guaranteed sunny and the average water temperature is a heavenly 76 degrees.

Epic Fishing
In the spring, before water temperatures have started to rise, anglers are drawn to Shasta for the great variety of fish species. Brown and rainbow trout and silver salmon can be caught from the bank or by trolling. Bass tournaments throughout the year attract fishermen from far and wide.

A myriad of hiking trails crisscross the rugged terrain surrounding the lake. Levels of difficulty range from casual walking paths to advanced trails for the serious hiker or mountain-biker.

Without a doubt, houseboating the most relaxing way to explore Shasta Lake. All of the conveniences of home, the luxury of a yacht, the perfect ‘home base’ for your boats and waverunners, all in the midst of the great outdoors, are what makes houseboating so attractive to those looking to escape civilization without sacrificing comfort.
Shasta Lake is located in Northern Califronia about four hours drive Northeast of the Bay Area, three hours North of Sacramento, off Interstate 5.

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